We offer integrated design services

SOZIG Design offers clients the following services:

  • Feasibility Study
  • Site Measure and Preparation of Existing Conditions
  • Concept Design
  • Town Planning Drawings
  • Working Drawings
  • Specifications
  • Internal Details, Specifications and Schedules

Each of these services can be provided on its own or as part of an overall design package.

Site Analysis and Utilisation

Site Analysis and Utilisation provides a potential investor, home owner, or builder with research and advice to establish a site’s potential to suit the occupancy or development potential prior to making a purchase.

 Site Analysis and Utilisation will assess the strengths and weaknesses of a building site, or existing home, in the case of an addition or renovation.  Based on this information SOZIG Design can advise on how your required outcomes can best be achieved.


SOZIG Design will meet with the client in order to identify the desired requirements for the project. Once the Design Brief is determined SOZIG documents the key findings, thus ensuring that all stakeholders agree and there is a mutual understanding of the design of the proposed construction. This documentation will form the basis of everything moving forward.
Building designs can range from a family home renovation, to a multi-storey commercial complex. The design will take into consideration energy efficiency and comfort, value for money and suitability for specific needs. It will also take into account the client’s lifestyle, budget, site conditions, potential resale and long term maintenance costs.
SOZIG Design creates a 3D Design of the proposal. We also work with a team of other professionals to ensure that structural elements and other specialist matters combine with the aesthetics to produce a building which not only looks good, but will also serve you well for years to come.
SOZIG Design provides good quality drawings and sketches that communicate the design effectively and succinctly to interested stakeholders.

Town Planning

Where required, SOZIG Design can provide advice and assistance on Town Planning and other planning regulations relevant to each project, in accordance with State and Local Planning Laws and Regulations.
SOZIG Design takes the hard work out of the planning application process and will manage all the mandatory approval documentation, for example Clause 55 and Clause 22 reports. SOZIG will also manage liaisons with the necessary stakeholders, including Council, Aborhists, Waste Management Consultants, Landscape Designers and other consultants necessary to the planning process.
SOZIG Designs have established fundamental tools on how to effectively communicate with Councils and Town Planners in order to provide you with the most favourable outcome in the shortest time frame possible.

Construction Drawings

Constructions Drawings must comply with the provisions of the National Construction Code (Building Code of Australia). These detailed drawings define the basic structural aspects and required finishes to a building.
SOZIG Design provides clear and concise drawings. Generated from a 3D model, drawings include detailed specifications for all doors and windows, roof construction, site works and specific connections and construction techniques.
Good quality drawings that communicate the design effectively and succinctly to the builder save time and money at the construction stage.


Our in house Interior Designer is able to provide a finishes pallete that takes all the work out of achieving that WOW factor for your build. In addition to the general Specifications, an Interior palette provided by Helen Geddes Interiors documents the paint and wall finishes schedule, floor schedules, floor coverings, laminates and much more.
Our full design service, ensures that your project will fulfil your expectations through complete project documentation.