Frequently Asked Questions: General

Why should I choose SOZIG Design?

SOZIG Design provides you with assistance ‘every step of the way’.  Our services go beyond building design.  With a background in Business Management & Finance, Christina’s professional approach to clients and stakeholders encourages an atmosphere where the design is balanced with budgetary expectations.


What does a Building Designer do? 

A building designer designs buildings; ranging from residential renovations and extensions, new dwellings as well as commercial and industrial designs, shop fit outs, renovations and new builds. This includes houses, multi unit sites, townhouses, apartment complexes, commercial and industrial. Essentially we have expertise that covers many areas of construction.

SOZIG Design, documents all aspects of the building design and construction with comprehensive drawings.  We liaise with the many consultants involved and look after everything – right up to the builder collecting approved drawings from the Building Certifier. 

We design to ensure your building is comfortable, well laid out, energy efficient, and matching your brief.  This includes ensuring we have met your needs, budget, site conditions, and resale and maintenance expectations.


What is the difference between a Building Designer and an Architect?

Both Building Designers and Architects provide similar services in general. Building Designers are known for practical and innovative solutions , and generally have a better working relationship with builders, as they are ‘closer to the ground’.  Building Designers fees are generally charged for drawing documentation sets and not a percentage of build. Some clients describe the differences as “building designers work with their clients not against them”.


During the building process, who will act on my behalf of the application with Council?

SOZIG Design provides experience and personalisation for all applications with local Council architectural matters from design through to completion.  We have 8 years experience co-ordinating clients’ Development Applications, Pre-application discussions, Design Review Panel Discussions and Presentations.  Where you might require something a little different – we have the experience to assist you in demonstrating to Council why your idea works and is the best solution for your situation, particular needs and requirements.  We have been successfully assisting our clients to develop, nurture and ‘bring to life’ their grand ideas on a diverse range of building projects since the commencement of our business in 2005.


I have more questions...

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